Product Specifications

If the information you require is not listed below please contact us for advice.

Overview of terms and language used in shed construction:

Tongue & Groove (T&G) –This stands for Tongue and Groove. This is where the boards are interlocked to form a strong seal
Standard Boards – Non-interlocked boarding
Shiplap – This is the standard exterior finish on all Forestcraft products. Shiplap is made up of T&G boards of varying widths and size
Loglap – Loglap is a thicker exterior finish wherethe interlocked boards are slightly rounded on the outside to give a log effect
Mineral Felt – Standard roofing material used on forestcraft sheds
Apex – Roof type with two sloping surfaces
Pent – Flat sloped roof
Framing – This describes the framework used to construct the shed and give the shed strength
CLS Framing – Timber used in CLS framing has a better quality finish with smoother surface and edges. Kiln-dried, dressed timber
Sarking – Non-T&G boarding, with planks laid alongside each other forming a butt-joint
Plywood – Type of wood created by combining a number of thin layers of wood with glue to create a thicker, stronger, and flexible piece of wood.


All Forestcraft sheds are fully dipped in ‘Golden Chestnut’ water based treatment. For extra long shed life we recommend further coating with an oil-based product.

Preparing ground for a shed base:

All that is required for a shed base is that the ground is flat and level.
We will also need access to the area where the shed is to be erected.
Where a shed is to be erected next to a wall we recommend leaving a small gap to allow access for maintenance.
Forestcraft can arrange for a paved base to be laid using 2ft X 2ft slabs – please contact us with any enquiries.

Shed Construction:

Shed construction

Assembly Instructions;

1. Lay Floor – make sure it is level
2. Nail back to floor
3. Nail sides to floor and back
4. Nail front to floor and sides
5. Nail corner cover plates in position
6. Nail roof in position
7. Fit ridge felt
8. Nail fascias to roof
9. Nail Finials to Fascias

Notes; Only partly nail A,B,C, & D until all are fitted. Unbolt door before fitting front.