Cottage Log Cabins

Log Cabin Cottages could provide a rural escape or a place where you can retreat from your everyday routine, or it could simply be a garden house that offers more space and a wider variety of usage opportunities.

We offer houses with wall thicknesses of 44 mm and 70 mm solid timber

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Anna 26.8
Size: 820cm x 520cm Wall Thickness : 70mm Area : 26.8m2 Wall Height : 257cm ..
Anna 26.8+1.9m
Size: 790cm x 420cm Wall Thickness : 70mm Area : 26.8m2 Wall Height : 229cm ..
Emily 39.2
Size: 660cm x 780cm Wall Thickness : 70mm Area : 39.2m2 Wall Height : 230cm ..
Emily 40.1+5.2
Size: 590cm x 570cm Wall Thickness : 70mm Area : 40.1 +5.2m2 Wall Height : 2256c..
Sandra 21.5+3.7
Size: 620cm x 470cm Wall Thickness : 70mm Area : 21.5m2 + 3.7m2 Wall Height : 23..
Sandra 25.6+11.1
Size: 791cm x 370cm (520) Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 25.6m2 Wall Height : 239c..
Sandra 29.9
Size: 605cm x 410cm Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 29.9m2 Wall Height : 239cm ..
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