Log Cabins

Among the cabins product range, basic garden house models can be found for every garden. It’s a universal range of houses for gardens of various sizes, whatever your needs may be. Here you will find models to use as an elegant storeroom or as an extra room for yourself. You will also find more spacious models to satisfy your needs whether you are hosting a party or friends staying overnight

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Sally 12.3
Size: 380cm x 380cm Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 12.3m2 Wall Height : 205cm ..
Sally 15.5
Size: 470cm x 380cm Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 15.5m2 Wall Height : 205cm ..
Sally 19.1
Size: 380cm x 380cm Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 19.1m2 Wall Height : 205cm ..
Susanna 12.4
Size: 530cm x 320cm Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 12.4m2 Wall Height : 205cm ..
Susanna 16.4
Size: 530cm x 400cm Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 16.4m2 Wall Height : 205cm ..
Sylvi 10.4+4.2
Size: 350cm x 350cm (480cm) Wall Thickness : 34mm Area : 10.4m2 Wall Height : 20..
Sylvi 6.1+10.6
Size: 350cm x 220cm (560cm) Wall Thickness : 44mm Area : 6.1m2 Wall Height : 217..
Vivian 3.8
Size: 220cm x 220cm Wall Thickness : 28mm Area : 3.8m2 Wall Height : 190cm T..
Vivian 6.9
Size: 320cm x 260cm Wall Thickness : 28mm Area : 6.9m2 Wall Height : 194cm T..
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